Saturday, February 13, 2010

Temple supervision (paripalanam):

Sri Velayudhaswamy temple
In Sivagiri Velayudhaswamy temple, also called Kanakagiri, all festivals are being conducted according to the traditional mirasu system.
Nataraja darsanam;
Sri Seedeviyamman temple
In Sri Seedeviyamman temple at Kanjikoil,(Erode dt, Perundurai tk.) all rites are being conducted according to the traditional Agama system according to the mirasu.
Shishya paripalanam is done on Sempan kulam, Kannakulam, Mulasi Kannakulam and mudhanmai Gounders by the mutt.
Sri Neelakantheswara temple:
Sri kanakagiri Velayudhaswamy temple:

Sri Kaliyamman temple

Namakkal district TolurSri Kaliyamman temple and Kadai kula kaniyala sishyas are overseen by this mutt.
Sri Mallikarjuna temple

The place where the guru lived 700 years back.

Salem district Vellar Sri Maragathavalli ambal sameta Mallikarjunar temple

City visit (Pattana pravesam):

On 10-02-1989, during Pattabhishekam

On 14-06-2005, in Satyamangalam

The younger pontiff (Ilaya sannidhanam):

The 6oth sannidhanam in the Adheenams guru lineage Adisaiva clan born Sri Balamurugan Isana Sivacharya Swamigal alias Srilasri Siva samaya pandita guruswamigal is to decorate the Guru throne . He is a postgraduate in law
He has mastery over Sivagamas - Vedas - Jothisha (astrology) - Silpakala (temple construction art) and such sastras. He has conducted many temple consecrations ans yagnas such as Shata Chandi Homam.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In Sivagiri Talayanallur Sri Ponkaliyamman's chariot festival, the scene of the kulaguru Sivasamaya pandita guru swamy and the kuladeivam along with thousand's of torches.

Guru poojai

the 59th guru maha sannidhanam Sri la sri sivasamaya panditha guru Swamigal wel be cellebrate
the Gurupoojai festival,

Sivagiri Siva poojai

On 12-10-2003, first time in world's history, Kongu country's 51 Adisaiva matha pontiffs conducted together at Sivagiri a mega Sivapoojai . Due to the pooja, Siva vlessed the venue with showers even during the drought and thus the drought ended .

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gajapoojai (worship of the elephant)

Asvapooja (worship of the horse):

Nadi pooja (river worship):

14.06.2005 Bhavani river [Sathyamangalam]

KUMBABHISHEKAM (temple consecrations)

The Adheenam has performed Mahakumbabhishekams for many temples and gotten gurus blessings and god's blessings.

Guardian deities of the ADHEENAM

Guardian deities of the Adheenam established by the kulaguru Sivasamaya Panditha Guru Swamigal during the times of rule under Madurai poligar in Sivagiri village.
Sri Sangili Karuppanar

During the rule of Madurai poligar, four black deities were causing mischief for the people of Madurai.When Sivagiri Adheenam was touring the area, the villagers appealed together to the kulaguru.The Adheenam assured the villagers that he would take all the four black deities to his place. After that, on that same night, he asked the villagers to give him four unbaked earthen pots and contained them in them. The villagers them asked on how they could trust this. Then the guru asked them to bring four thick ropes (like tug of war ropes) and pull the unbaked pots. The people pulled them but they could not pull them. Then they informed the poligar abould this incident. Then the king used his elephants and tried to pull the pots but in vain. The people then asked the guru to prove his power. He sent his assistant to take the pots. Without much ado, he placed them in their bullock cart. Then he took the black deities and established one of them to the west of Talaiyanallur Ponkaliyamman temple by the roadside and named it as Sangili Karuppanar (literally Karuppanar bound by chains).

A 300 years old neem tree.
Dandikai Karuppanar and nettuvelangattu Karuppanar

Sthala vruksham (sacred tree) White babul tree
Nainangattu Karuppanar

Veda SIVAGAMA gurupeetham

Sivagiri Adheenam's Vedapathasala (Veda school) teacher's and students.

Friday, December 18, 2009

MADALAYAM's kaniyalarkal (Sishyas)

Adisaivas community Kowsikagotram-Sellandiyamman.Talaiynallur Kurai kulam -PonkaliyammanTalaiyanallur Vilaiyan -PonkaliyammanKanchikoil Semponkulam - Seedeviyamman Kanchikoil Kannan - Seedeviyamman Molasi Kannankulam - Seedeviyamman Kuraikulam KandhampalayamKuraikulam Tholur Kadaikulam - Kaliamman Avinasi SemponkulamPidariyur Kuraikulam Mohanur ManiyankulamKalingarayanpalayam KuraikulamKakkaveri Vilaiyankulam - AnnnamarsamySalem Soliyavellalarkulam Paramatti Porulandhakulam Paramatti Pirandhakulam Pillur Kadaikulam Oduvangurichchi Andhaikulam Ariyur Venduvankulam Karvali Azhakankulam - SellandiyammanKattikkarankombu Kadaikulam Olappalayam Maniyankulam

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

MADALAYAM construction:

Construction appeal:

Sivagiri Adheenam Srilasri Sivasamaya Pandita Guruswamykal Thirumadalayam established in Kongumandalam by the will of Lord Siva and Sri Sundarar has been governing many Kaniyalas as thier shishyas. This madalayam has been conducting daily Sivapoojais for the welfare of all the creation and offering prasadams. Since our Madalayam which has been delievering the people Sivapunyam dispelling all papams has become old, it has been decided unanimously by the lord and the sishyas to commission the madam as a new gurupeetam. It is the will of the Guru that the involvement of each and every sishya must be there in the construction. Thus we welcome you one and all to donate and contribute to the work and thus recieve ashtaishwaryam with the blessings of the Guru and thereby Godess Laksmi.

Madalayam construction planning:

'Sirpakalai Vendhar' Padmasri M. Muthaiya Sthapati,
Secretary, Sthapati consultation committe,
TamilNadu Government,

Details regarding the construction of the new Gurupeeta:
Sri Sivasamaya Mahaganapati temlple, Rs. 2,10,000/-
Adheena garbhagriha construction, Rs. 1,50,000/-
Garbhagriha vimana construction, Rs. 2,00,000/-
Adheena Sri uru peetam (Outer praharam) Rs.1,20,000/-
Mahamandapam - Silpa kalabhams, Rs. 15,00,000/-
Construction of a single pillar inside the madalayam, Rs. 10,000/-
Front mandapam (place where the sishyas sit), Rs. 50,000/-
Gosalai (Cow shead), Rs. 75,000/-
Annadhanam hall, Rs. 3,00,000/-
Adheenam front gate (two in number), Rs. 1,50,000/-
Gosta devatamurtis, Rs. 1,20,000/-


Location of Madalayam:

Planting of navadhanyam (nine pulses):
Sthapati muthaiya inspecting the site
Madalayam blueprints:

Elephant's arrival:
Gaja poojai (Elephant ritual):
Go poojai (Cow worship):
Bhoomi poojai (Earth worship):

Placing of cornerstone:
Initiation of construction by Kongu Kalaippettakam Kanagaraj:
Invitation address for laying of the cornerstone by Kooraikootta leader K. Arumugam Ex VM
Stone inscription:

Sishya's visiting the madam:
Arungaraiyamman college correspondent Thiru. Kangeyan's visit to the madalayam:

Dr. Kongu Kolandhasamy:

Initiating the process by lighting the lamp:
Prayer by Irugur Adheenam:
Donation by Kongu Kalaippettakam.

Shilpi (architect) Kanakarathinam, Thirumurugampoondi:
'Kongukural' Chinnasamy:

Madalayam shilpi (architect) Thiru Sankar